Night Dawg

Night Dawg, the third vinyl release from independent West Michigan label 6ONE6 features 3 sub level tracks from the mind of Quantec. Quantec (Sven Schienhammer / Monoaxial)  —  Musician, Recording Artist (6ONE6, Echocord, Styrax Leaves, Millions Of Moments, Mea... Read More

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FLASH / Compilation With A Cause

FLASH the double CD compilation is in stock and now shipping from our newly revamped Direct Storefront. Featuring music from: Aaron-Carl, Santiago Salazar, Kazuya Kawakami, Steevio, Hakim Murphy, Roberto Bosco, Rennie Foster, Myles Sergé, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Detro... Read More

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That With This

Russ Denman returns with some more serious ass shit. 'That With This' is a great example of how this man's mind works.  The sure shot classic  'Future Ghetto 2'  is a sonically blistering session that features Russ beating the piss out of the 808. Tommy Vicari J... Read More

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Naples Nights

Naples Nights, the debut release from 6ONE6 recording artist Mario Massaro is a deep selection of late night floor shakers. Thick tracks featuring saturated chord pulses and haunted vocals give character to the soundscape -- a deep, solid, hard driving release. Exp... Read More

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Future Music Radio

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Catch SOUL DATA/ this and every Friday night  – yaheardmeh
Now Playing — Be sure to tune in and catch us on Future-Music Radio (UK)


w/ PHREK (6ONE6)
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A Digital Sabbatical & The Rise Of The Phoenix

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Life events and circumstances beyond control had caused much disruption in twenty-twelve (and into thirteen) — Those that truly know me, know the level of shit I have stacked before me on the regular. A combination of unavoidable events and circumstance had occurred which forced my ‘digital sabbatical’. Many of these events shook me to the frame, forcing a reevaluation of priorities and values, evoking a reestablishment of self. I could not (in good conscious) commit myself  (as so deserved) to the label, its associated artists, sub-labels and partner-works, bearing this weight and associative growing anxiety — as many of these mounting works (in combination with life’s other curves) were creating rifts within my own personal artistic workflow. This ‘sabbatical’ has allowed me to clear the head, concentrate priorities, rekindle my passion for the craft, and establish a flight path for workflow going forward.Sabbatical

Going forward — much is planned for 2014 (dubed ‘The Rise Of The Phoenix’), and we’re bringing fire. A reemergence with new digital, vinyl releases and products. The newly updated storefront (DIRECT) is currently in the process of product population, distributions and consignments, so look for new goods, gears and wares available there. New artists and new sounds, remixes, compilations, and — did I mention Vinyl ? Special Limited Edition runs — signed, sealed, delivered. 6ONE6 promotions and events are in the order of schedule, and Signature Samples and Sound Libraries, soon available for those so inclined — and much, much more. So keep em peeled — the plot thickens.

Future Forward

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Don’t sleep — Our man in Columbus is on the move ! James Johnson (aka Plural) has been on a creative rampage as of late, and the ‘carnage’ can be found everywhere. Multiple projects on multiple fronts, James has been one busy kid — getting shit done for real. Besides his numerous solo efforts, James has teamed up with neighborhood thug and beat mechanic FBK (Absoloop Records) for some seriously wicked audio projects (check for sounds from ‘The Fallen’ descending in the near future).

I’ll give yall the quick run down on his upcoming schedule of mayhem, just to get a feel for his hustle. (Get a pen, you’re gonna want to write these down) Hot of the proverbial presses — James puts his trademark spin on an old 6ONE6 classic Myles Sergé / Cavity Creeps’ followed an extended play 12″ ‘Plural / Giving None’ both worldwide exclusive vinyl releases on the raging RE(FORM) imprint. Also – look for remix works from brother James in an upcoming 12″ release on Alan Oldham’s Pure Sonik imprint. In addition, keep em’ peeled for future solo works in vinyl and digital formats from; Separate Skills, Home Recordings, Absoloop, Concerns Music and 6ONE6 imprints. (There’s more to report, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy for the time being)
Yesh yesh yall — Its definitely future forward for JJ, and that’s good to see — keep it movin’ brother !


A 6ONE6 Exclusive Mix

Living The Dream

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Across the pond, in the land of the angels (England, United Kingdom) —  brother, best friend, and colleague Myles ‘Sergé’ Clark has the wind at his back, and is truly making it happen.  Residing in the coastal community of Brighton (East Sussex), Myles continues to build — boasting three label projects of his own devise; RE(FORM), DOSED and SPACE — as well as a gang of up and coming releases and remixes on assorted labels (Knotweed, Eshu, DOT, Absoloop and more). His recent work behind the controls at the annual Freerotaion Festival (Wales) has garnered some well earned recognition, and a spot in the prestigious Uzuri Bookings lineup as well.  Yet perhaps his greatest success came on the 2nd of August 2012, with his marriage to lovely wife and soul-mate Edurne (pictured).  We (Fam) all wish Myles (and Edurne) continued success, love and soul. Miss you much brother — Keep living the dream !
(don’t forget about a MF)

Myles Sergé .com