VA / Dreams Of Home

VA / Dreams Of Home

Dreams Of Home – (CD04) the exclusive 6ONE6 CD Compilation is back in stock at our Direct warehouse, and available at all Disk Union outlets (Japan). This special limited production run, sports fresh new packaging and the same killer tracks that made this CD release an underground classic. Featuring music from; Mike Dehnert, Rick Wade, Claude Young, Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark, Detroit People Mover, Sans Soleil, Myles Sergé, Terrence Dixon, Dualism, Kevin Reynolds, Derek Scott, Plural, El Farouki, Crispin Klemp, and MORE. 50% of all sales donated to ONE – the campaign to end global poverty and aids. Order Now – ありがとう

Charted, Played and Supported by: Cesare vs Disorder (Mean), Mike Denhert (Fachwerk Records), Tom Demac (Murmur), Steevio & Suzybee (Mindtours/FreeRotation), Fanon Flowers (Studio Sound), D-Knox (Sonic Mind), Carl Handbig, Adonis (Romania)


Price: $20.00

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